What's wrong with exchanging currency?

By Marco Polee |

Nothing! Exchanging currency is necessary when travelling, and honestly – dealing with other currencies is almost part of the travel experience! But when did we start standing in line to pay high commissions with skewed rates at inconvenient times? When did we start having to buy currency instead of truly exchanging it?

Let’s take a step back to the beginning of commerce. Currencies were invented to help with trade – to provide some sort of common value between everyone (something the trade systems struggled with). Let’s take the age-old barter system for example;

Sue has wool, and wants some fish. Kim happens to sells fish, which is great – however Kim will only exchange for silk. In a simple example, Sue might only need to exchange her wool for silk, to then exchange with Kim – but imagine how many exchanges both Sue and Kim would have to do just to meet their daily needs?

Cash & currencies (be it gold, silver or cash) were created to address this.

So why is it now that currencies are now suddenly worth less each time you exchange them? Should they not be interchangeable?

At Marco Polee, we want give the people a better, smarter option – but more importantly, a choice. Until now, consumers have had no better option but to pay a commission when changing currencies. Flat fees and skewed exchange rates have forced consumers to purchase their currency every time they travel. Marco Polee is a peer to peer platform, allowing its members to exchange currency amongst each other – 0% commissions, $0 fees and at the mid-market rate.

Join us today to make currency exchange the way it should have always been!

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Win a trip of your choice and bring a friend

By Marco Polee |

At Marco Polee we believe that traveling opens our mind to greater adventures and always learning something new - which we absolutely love!

Holiday seasons such as Christmas and New Year celebration is about giving and spending time with those special people around you, which is why…

We would like to give one lucky member a trip of their choice anywhere in ASIA and share the adventure with a friend or family member.

To enter simply follow the instructions below. The competition will end on the April 30th 2017. Click here for Terms and Conditions

Good luck!

Win a trip of your choice and bring a friend!



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Release v1.1 Update

By Marco Polee |

We love all your feedbacks and is working hard trying to make the experience easier and better for you.

Release version 1.1 update: 

- Expanding exchange rate decimal to 8 
- Email notification improvements - reminders to perform action, cancellation of exchange when no action taken after 10 days

Please keep sending across your feedback. We love to hear from you. 


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Our Travel Tip Competition Winner!

By Marco Polee |

To celebrate our launch into Singapore we ran a competition for our Marco Polee community to tell us in 25 words or less their best travel tips. The Winner receives a 500SGD travel voucher on us. 

Here is the announcement of the winner by our Co-founders Reuben So and Ecko Tam.



Congratulations to Wendy Lee. Have an awesome holiday ! 

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What is Marco Polee?

By Marco Polee |

Whether you’re a frequent overseas traveller for business, pleasure or visiting home; there is always an uncertainty when exchanging your currency. We try to shop around to find the “best exchange rates” with claims of the lowest fee and commission, however you will alway have to pay out of your pocket to exchange your money.

Is that truly “exchanging” your money?

At Marco Polee, our vision is to provide travellers with a new alternative for currency exchange that has absolutely no hidden fees or commission. We don’t charge - making it absolutely free for you to exchange your money at the mid-market rate.

We believe that with all the additional costs of booking flights and accommodation to travel overseas, why should you spend MORE money to exchange your money.

Marco Polee is a peer to peer currency exchange platform, where our community can connect with each other to meetup and exchange currency.

3 simple step to get started now:

1. Search the currency listings near you

2. Schedule a time and place with the person who you want exchange

3. Meetup and exchange currency

Alternatively if you cannot find the currency you want:

1. Create a currency listing you want to exchange

2. We will notify you via email when someone want to exchange with you

3. Agree on the time and place. Then meetup and exchange currency

Start exchanging now.

Don’t buy currency. Exchange it.


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