How Does Marco Polee Work?

The next generation for foreign exchanges.

Why we want to change things

Giving you the cheapest and easiest way to exchange currency.

In a few simple steps you will be able to discover people wanting the same currency you are offering.

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Create your listing.

Create your listing within 30 seconds. Give your listing a simple description and a location you would like exchange for a meet up. Specify which currency and the amount you are wanting to exchange, then select which currency you are looking to receive.

You can choose to lock the exchange rate when the currency listing is created. OR let your currency listing float with the live exchange market rate (updated hourly).

See how search works
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Search for listings.

Discover currency listings near you within 100km radius. You have the option to refine your search to the specific currency and location you are looking for.

See how to edit your offer amount
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Adjust your exchange amount.

Found the listing but not sure about the amount? You can edit the amount you want to "offer", this will automatically adjust the amount you "receive" accordingly to the exchange rate against the currency listing.

See how meetup works
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Meetup & exchange.

Simply agree on the location and time most suitable for both memebers. And now you are ready to meetup and exchange!

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