How Does Marco Polee Work?

The next generation in changing currency.

Why we want to change things

We all want a cheaper, easier way to exchange currency.

In a few simple steps you will be able to discover people wanting the same currency you are offering.

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Create your listing.

It won't even take 30 seconds. Give your listing a simple description and a location where you want to meet up and exchange.

Specify the currency and amount you want to exchange, as well as the currency you're swapping for. Then, choose if you want to lock the exchange rate when your listing is created OR let it float with the live exchange market rate (updated hourly).

See how search works
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Search for listings.

Check out what currencies are listed within a 100km radius of you, or refine your search to the specific currency and location you’re looking for.

See how to edit your offer amount
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Icon negotiate

Find it. Tweak it.

Found the listing but not sure about the amount? You can edit the amount you want to "offer", this will automatically adjust the amount you "receive" accordingly to the exchange rate against the currency listing.

See how meetup works
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Meet up and exchange.

Once you’ve found the right exchange, all that’s left is to arrange a time and place that suits the both of you to swap your currencies.

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